Restaurant/Bar – The Botanical, Concept, Boutique Hotel, London, UK

Cumberland Terrace Floor Plan


To create the interior of a gutted Grade II Listed building, transforming it into a boutique hotel operated by a leading drinks company.  Space was planned for three suites on each of four levels.  The ground floor had to meet the requirements of this growing industry and includes reception, staircase wrapping round a glass lift; lounge, bar and dining area.  It not only caters to guests but also offers dining options for local residents. 

The history of the drinks company led the design; drawing on the 1920s era for its inspiration including the names of the Suites while the restaurant name was influenced by one of the client's products - The Botanical. 

Area per floor:  240 square metres.

Cumberland Terrace Schematic ground floor.jpg vs2

Cumberland Terrace Floor Layout