Mrs Dow, Fife, Scotland

"The house has large rooms with lovely side windows but there are very strong light shafts from early morning to the front and then to the rooms at the back in late afternoons.  The means a constant arrangement of curtains.  Blinds?  Well I didn't want the vertical office-type.  Christine gave it her usual careful consideration and suggested a narrow horizontal type with new colours.  She suggested a damson coloured blind in the kitchen and 'melba' around the other rooms in the house which acts as a lovely background for various coloured furnishings and artwork.  Christine has artistry and a gift for seeing the whole picture".

3 Blinds adding colour - Copy

The window treatments, including dated net curtains were in need of replacing.  These were updated with contemporary blinds in living and bedroom areas of this bungalow.  The kitchen units had recently been upgraded but the window was left somewhat undressed.  With small elements of colour already in kitchen accessories and crockery, it was recommended introducing a bold damson coloured blind.